Unwind Your Mind: A Palm Springs Tourism Campaign That Redefines Relaxation

Discover a vacation that takes unwinding to a whole new level in Palm Springs, where even your brain gets to enjoy a much-needed break.

About Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism promotes the city as a premier destination for leisure travel, highlighting its stunning natural beauty, world-class resorts, and endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

Project Overview

This project showcases an innovative ad campaign that brings the essence of a Palm Springs vacation to life – a chance to truly disconnect from the everyday and immerse oneself in a state of pure relaxation.


In a crowded market of vacation destinations, Palm Springs Tourism needed a distinctive ad campaign that set the city apart, promoting it as more than just a desert getaway, but as a transformative experience that allows vacationers to unwind completely.


We started by asking, “Why do people vacation?” Amidst the various answers, one common theme emerged: the desire to ‘let go’ and give the mind a break. Our creative solution was to literally represent this idea through visuals of a brain fully engaged in vacation mode.

Ad 1: Pool
A meticulously handcrafted paper mache brain, designed to appeal to a younger, creative audience, rests on a diving board, poised to plunge into the tranquil waters of a swimming pool – a powerful visual metaphor for immersing oneself in deep relaxation.

Ad 2: Tennis
Set against the backdrop of a clay tennis court, our whimsical brain prop is ready to serve up the perfect blend of activity and leisure that characterizes a Palm Springs getaway.

Ad 3: Golf
The playful brain takes center stage on a lush putting green, golf ball and flag in sight, embodying the focused calm of a vacation well-spent on Palm Springs’ renowned golf courses.

Each 8.5 x 11 full-page print ad features the brain artfully positioned amidst iconic Palm Springs settings, accompanied by the tagline: “A Suspended State of Relaxation”. Together, these striking visuals and consistent messaging powerfully convey the transformative allure of a Palm Springs vacation.

My multi-faceted role as Senior Art Director, Prop Designer (hand-making the paper mache brain), Photographer and Photo Retoucher was integral to bringing this unique creative vision to life.

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A human brain relaxing on the end of a swimming pool diving board
A human brain relaxing on a golf course putting green next to the golf cup
A human brain relaxing on a tennis court service line next to a tennis ball

The Results

While this project was developed for an RFP and thus lacks concrete performance metrics, it remains a powerful example of my ability to push creative boundaries. The campaign’s imaginative concept, flawless execution, and messaging that resonates with a younger, adventurous target audience exemplify my skills in crafting memorable, impactful advertising – even for a product as seemingly ordinary as a vacation destination. This work demonstrates my capacity to develop standout creative solutions across diverse industries and project briefs.

In summary, this Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism campaign encapsulates my strengths as a versatile creative professional – from conceptual thinking and hands-on craftsmanship to polished design and art direction. It’s a testament to my ability to approach any creative challenge, no matter how commonplace, with a fresh perspective that captures audience attention and delivers results.


  • Travel and Transportation

Project Type


  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Photographer
  • Prop Designer


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop