Social Media Spirits: AI-Powered Reimagining of Platforms as Liquor Brands

Explore how AI transforms social media platforms into unique liquor brands. This innovative project showcases the potential of AI in creative design and product development, blending digital essence with premium spirits.

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  • Social Media Spirits: AI-Powered Reimagining of Platforms as Liquor Brands


In this innovative project, I leveraged AI to reimagine eight popular social media platforms as distinct liquor brands. Each concept captures the unique characteristics of its digital counterpart, demonstrating the powerful synergy between human creativity and artificial intelligence in branding and product design.

Key Skills and Tools Used:

  • AI Prompt Engineering
  • Art Direction
  • DALL-E and Midjourney for initial concept generation
  • Adobe Photoshop for image and typography refinement
  • Photoroom for background manipulation and final touches
  • Creative concept development
  • Brand identity design

Facebook: 'Connect Clear' Vodka

“Raise a Glass to Friendship” with this crystal-clear vodka that embodies Facebook’s mission of transparent connections. The sleek bottle design features Facebook’s iconic blue, with subtle bubble patterns representing the constant flow of social interactions. This concept explores how a ubiquitous platform translates into a universally appealing spirit. [ Discover the full story ]

Facebook reimagined as a liquor brand: Clear Connect

Instagram: 'Instafizz' Champagne

“Toast the Moments” with Instafizz, an effervescent champagne that captures Instagram’s visual flair. The bottle’s stunning gradient mimics the app’s colorful interface, while holographic elements evoke popular filters. This concept celebrates how Instagram turns everyday moments into special occasions. Explore the visual journey

Instagram reimagined as a liquor brand: Instafizz Champagne

LinkedIn: 'Network Reserve' Scotch

“Distilling Success” in every drop, this sophisticated scotch represents LinkedIn’s professional network. The bottle incorporates elements of connection and career growth, with a label design reminiscent of a well-crafted resume. Discover how LinkedIn’s essence transforms into a premium spirit for the discerning professional. Uncover the networking narrative

LinkedIn reimagined as a liquor brand: Network Reserve Scotch Whiskey

Nextdoor: 'Block Party Brew'

“Connect Over a Cold One” with this community-focused microbrew reflecting Nextdoor’s local spirit. The design features charming neighborhood imagery and a warm color palette, with each bottle telling the story of local connections. See how digital community translates into a shareworthy brew. Tap into the neighborhood tale

Nextdoor social network reimagined as a beer brand: Block Party Brew

Snapchat: 'Snapthe' Absinthe

“Experience the Unseen” with this mysterious absinthe embodying Snapchat’s ephemeral nature. The bottle includes mesmerizing holographic elements reminiscent of the app’s filters, with a design that seems to change before your eyes. Explore how fleeting digital moments become a lasting sensory experience. Unveil the enigma

SnapChat reimagined as a premium liquor - Snapthe absinthe

TikTok: 'TikQuila' Tequila

“Trending in Every Shot,” this vibrant tequila captures TikTok’s energetic essence. The bottle design incorporates dynamic visual elements inspired by the platform’s short-form videos, with a color scheme that pops as vibrantly as viral content. See how digital trends transform into spirited innovation. Dive into the trend

TikTok reimagined as a premium liquor - TikQuila

WeChat: 'Imperial Connect' Baijiu

Embrace “The Spirit of Digital China” with this traditional Chinese spirit reimagined for the digital age. The bottle artfully blends classical Chinese design with modern connectivity symbols, representing WeChat’s role in bridging tradition and innovation. Discover how a super-app inspires a super-spirit. Explore the digital dynasty
WeChat reimagined as a premium liquor brand

X (Twitter): 'Xpresso' Verified Martini

This sophisticated “Verified Martini” represents Twitter’s concise, impactful communication. The sleek bottle design features verification-inspired elements and a color scheme that reflects the platform’s evolution. Experience how 280 characters distill into a powerful, premium cocktail. Savor the social brew
X (Twitter) social media platform reimagined as a premium liquor brand: Xpresso Martini


The Social Media Spirits project demonstrates the innovative potential of AI in creative fields. By transforming digital platforms into tangible brand concepts, this project showcases how AI can enhance brainstorming, accelerate product design, and push the boundaries of creative expression in the modern age.

Interested in exploring how AI can transform your brand's creative process? Let's connect and discuss the possibilities.