My laid-back personality stems from being raised in Southern California and morning surf sessions. Although I don’t do much surfing these days, my easy-going style definitely comes through in how I manage and foster creative teams. I focus on being strategic and working smarter, not harder. And, of course, having fun while doing it. Because, if your creative teams don’t love what they do, they won’t be able to create their best work.

I’ve had the fortunate experience to learn from some of the smartest minds in the business – starting with my days at Art Center. Mark Fenske taught me how to really dig into the psyche to find what really motivates a person. Lou Danziger taught me how to communicate through shape, color, and space. And I keep my mind open with every encounter to learn more. Because creativity is about listening, understanding, and discovering new ways to touch people in a meaningful way.

During my career I’ve landed in places all across the country. But the Nashville, TN area has been my home for the last 18 years. My family is here. My daughter is here. My friends are here. Great music is here. And the great mountains roads for motorcycle trips are here. As you can imagine, quality of life is important to me so I’m looking forward to working with a great group of people who want to create incredible and successful work and have fun doing it.

I’m available for freelance, full-time, trips to California surf breaks, and any clear weekend of open roads.


Banking/Finance, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Travel/Tourism


Creative Direction | Art Direction | Team Management | Collaborative | Marketing Strategy | Leadership by Example | Strategic Thinking | Ability to Lead, Coach & Inspire | Analytical & Creative | Data-Driven Decision Making | Agile and Nimble | Business Insight | Effective Communication | Talent Development | Innovation | Relationship Builder | Adobe Creative Suite | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | Adobe XD | Microsoft Teams


Business Strategy | Client Strategy | Customer Experience | Digital and Social Media Strategy | Integrated Marketing | Strategic Planning | Multi-channel marketing | Advertising | Communications | Content Development | Brand Development and Management | Email Marketing | Business Process Improvement | Vendor Management | Organizational Leadership | Fiscal Management | Project Management | Creative Team Management

Personal Interests