Creative Director | Educator

A seasoned, award-winning Creative Director and Educator with a two-decade-long record of fostering innovation, driving growth, and nurturing the next generation of creative professionals. Known for leading and inspiring teams to exceed expectations and develop emotionally resonant brand experiences across print, digital, web, and social media platforms.

As a visionary leader and dedicated educator at the Nossi College of Art, I cultivate a culture of innovative thinking, pushing my teams and students to transcend the conventional and create communications that offer a fresh perspective. My focus is on nurturing them into adept conceptual thinkers and confident presenters, capable of selling their work convincingly. As an Art Director, I relish attending to details that often go unnoticed, strategically turning ordinary messages into emotionally memorable experiences.

My expertise extends to mastering and applying AI technologies, using them to create high-converting creative assets, optimize workflows, and enhance educational outcomes. I’ve had the privilege of shaping brand experiences for illustrious organizations including American Cancer Society, American Home Foods, AT&T, Exxon-Mobil, Johnson and Johnson, March of Dimes, MetLife, Sara Lee, STIHL, and Vanderbilt Medical Center.

Welcome to my portfolio, where creativity meets innovation, education shapes the future of design, and ideas transform into impactful results.

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