Michael Kristof

May 23, 2000

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Explore SkyTel's 'Death Becomes Him' ad campaign, a humorous and memorable showcase of our guaranteed two-way messaging service. Witness the unexpected unfolding at a funeral, highlighting the incredible reliability of SkyTel's communication services.
— TV Commercial —



SkyTel offered a guaranteed two-way messaging service, but the brand needed a way to demonstrate the reliability and efficiency of their service to prospective customers in a memorable way.

Solution & Role:

To make this concept truly memorable, we created a TV commercial campaign featuring a unique, and humorous situation. The campaign, “Death Becomes Him,” consisted of two parts, both set at a funeral where an elderly man’s ‘supposedly’ grieving wife receives messages from her ‘deceased’ husband’s SkyTel device from inside his coffin. The scene provides an ironic, dramatic twist that demonstrates the guaranteed message delivery of SkyTel under any circumstance, including from beyond the grave.

Commercial #1 – Death Becomes Him Part 1:
The first commercial sets the stage with the scene of a funeral. A preacher is giving his eulogy when the wife suddenly receives a message from her ‘deceased’ husband’s SkyTel device, saying “I’m not dead yet.” The unexpected twist catches the audience’s attention and highlights the reliability of SkyTel’s two-way messaging.

Commercial #2 – Death Becomes Him Part 2:
The second commercial continues the funeral scene. It further builds upon the humor and intrigue, with the wife and her ‘deceased’ husband exchanging sassy messages through SkyTel. It reiterates the reliability and instantaneous communication enabled by SkyTel’s two-way messaging system.


These commercials, due to their unconventional storyline and humorous undertones, generated buzz for SkyTel’s guaranteed two-way messaging service. Not only did they increase brand awareness, but they also demonstrated the product’s reliability in a unique and entertaining way. Please note that the results of this campaign are still being measured.

Death Becomes Him – Part 1
Death Becomes Him – Part 2
Original Storyboards