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Roberto’s Taco Shop


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  • Food and Beverage


The task was to position a small local Mexican fast food restaurant, Roberto’s Taco Shop, against its larger, well-known counterparts on a minimal budget.


Roberto’s Taco Shop, situated in Oceanside, CA, is renowned for its delectable Mexican cuisine, prepared by chefs hailing directly from Mexico. An intriguing observation was the high turnover rate of employees, attributed to their immigration status, which further emphasized the authentic nature of the cuisine. Roberto’s commitment to traditional Mexican recipes and authentic cookery set them apart from the crowd, even attracting attention from the U.S. Border Patrol due to their Mexican chefs.


We decided to highlight Roberto’s authenticity by developing a playful, yet thought-provoking print ad campaign. The campaign leveraged the narrative of their genuine Mexican chefs to create a memorable, humorous, and engaging message. We launched these mini-posters throughout the local community, attracting attention and conversation.

Robertos Taco Shop #13 Outdoor Sign Post, Oceanside CA
Robertos Taco Shop Building 1209 Hill Street, Oceanside CA
Robertos Taco Shop Cook Drive Thru Window
Roberto's Taco Shop Print Ad. "Mexican food so authentic, the competition can't wait to get their hands on our cooks."
Roberto's Taco Shop print ad. "To prove how authentic our Mexican food is, we'd like to show you where we get our cooks."
Roberto's Taco Shop print ad. "Mexican food so authentic, every cook comes with a certificate of authenticity."