Michael Kristof

AI Creative Director, Prompt Engineer, and AI Strategy Consultant: Accomplished AI Creative Director with extensive experience in developing and executing advanced AI strategies. Expert in leading diverse teams to integrate Generative AI solutions into business operations, enhancing innovation and efficiency. Committed to leveraging AI for sustainable growth and community development, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and creative problem-solving skills, fostering progress in dynamic environments.

Skills Overview 

Creative Leadership: Proven track record in leading cross-functional teams to deliver transformative AI-powered solutions that enhance customer retention, boost sales, and drive revenue growth.

Strategic Thinking: Applying data-driven decision-making to craft high-converting creative assets, align AI-driven visuals with brand identities, and optimize AI generated asset quality.

Team Collaboration: Inspiring cross-team synergy, ensuring seamless AI project integration for success.

Copywriter: Demonstrated ability that Art Director’s can write engaging copy for advertising, social media, video scripts, and promotional materials, complemented by a keen understanding of visual storytelling and brand messaging.

AI Tools: Expertise in leveraging AI-powered tools and technologies including; ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Runway, Stable Diffusion and more, to drive creative innovation and optimize workflows.

Market Research & Data Analytics: Utilizing AI-driven insights to inform prompt development, ensuring alignment with the latest advancements in machine learning.

Multi Channel Brand Campaigns: Successfully managing and launching brand campaigns across multiple channels, achieving increased in engagement and significant revenue generation.

Workflow & Process Optimization: Streamlining and enhancing workflows through AI technologies, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Professional Experience

AI Prompt Engineer / Designer

SketchDeck | 08/2023-PRESENT

Innovative AI Prompt Engineer/Designer specializing in AI-driven content creation, focusing on creative design and technical prompt engineering. Expert in leveraging AI for enhancing marketing and content strategies. My role involves:

  • Developing innovative AI-driven design solutions to enhance B2B marketing strategies and client engagement.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to integrate AI technology, improving operational efficiency and creativity.
  • Leading the adoption and implementation of Generative AI tools, streamlining design processes and project execution.
  • Translating complex requirements into effective AI-driven creative solutions for a diverse client base.
  • Pioneering the use of cutting-edge AI technologies to position SketchDeck at the forefront of AI-driven design.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest AI-powered tools and developments in machine learning to inform prompt development and implementation.

This role has allowed me to deepen my expertise in AI and apply it in practical, impactful ways, delivering bespoke solutions that set new standards in AI-powered design and marketing.

A.I. Prompt Developer / Asset Creation Specialist

I A.I., | 06/2022-PRESENT

Devoted over 2,500 hours to mastering AI technologies like ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E, and more. This expertise has been pivotal in developing high-converting AI prompts for text-to-image and video assets, optimizing workflows, and enhancing operational efficiency.

My role as an AI Prompt Developer and Asset Creation Specialist combines technical AI skills with creative design. I specialize in transforming concepts into AI-generated assets, driving digital innovation in content creation. Key contributions include:

  • Specializing in generating AI-driven content and blending technological innovation with creative strategy.
  • Deep expertise in AI technologies, including ChatGPT, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Stable Diffusion, Runway, DALL-E, Bard, PhotoRoom, Recraft, and more.
  • Leveraging advanced AI technologies to develop high-quality, AI-driven content and marketing strategies across diverse formats, including landing pages, presentations, video assets, radio and video scripts, and social media posts.
  • Utilizing AI as a catalyst for brainstorming sessions, fostering innovation and creativity in project planning and execution.
  • Applying deep knowledge of prompt engineering to automate the creation of search- friendly, optimized copy, driving enhanced discoverability.
  • Creating high-converting, AI-generated branded assets and product mock-ups that captivate audiences and reinforce brand recognition.
  • Streamlining and optimizing workflows through AI technologies to make data-driven decisions substantially reducing manual effort while enhancing operational efficiency.

This role embodies my commitment to continuous learning and adapting, demonstrating my ability to quickly acquire and creatively apply new technical skills.

Creative Director

Futureshirts | 06/2022-06/2023

Innovative leader in AI-driven design and marketing at Futureshirts, adept in leveraging AI for creative asset development and strategic brand promotion. Expertise in integrating AI technology with graphic design to elevate brand visibility and audience engagement.

  • Utilized ChatGPT and Midjourney for enhanced brainstorming, resulting in a 2% increase in creative designs and a 125% rise in premium design production and sales.
  • Reduced client revisions by 0.85%, demonstrating an improvement in design quality and efficiency through AI integration.
  • Implemented AI-powered processes for streamlined project management and client onboarding, ensuring efficient workflows and timely deliveries.
  • Negotiated software vendor discounts, saving the company $18,353.04 annually, significantly impacting profitability.
  • Leveraged AI tools in conceptualizing, designing, and scripting compelling Business Pitch Decks and New Artist Licensing initiatives, significantly enhancing presentation capabilities. This initiative played a pivotal role in acquiring new clients and partners, showcasing the practical application of AI in strategic business communications.
  • Resolved inter-departmental conflicts by conducting in-depth research and discussions. Developed and implemented a comprehensive strategy that clearly outlined roles, responsibilities, and processes, significantly enhancing communication, project scheduling, and overall operational efficiency.
  • Researched the implementation of a Digital Asset Manager (DAM), a move projected to boost productivity by 27% and result in annual savings of $71,000.

This role underscored my expertise in merging creative direction with AI innovation and strategic team management, driving not only transformative change in brand marketing but also fostering a harmonious and efficient team environment.

Senior Art Director (Freelance)

Intouch Solutions | 12/2021-01/2022

Championed the fusion of creative design with emerging technologies. My focus on innovative digital marketing strategies laid the groundwork for my expertise in AI-enhanced content creation, bridging artistic vision with technological advancement.

  • Led and defined the creative vision for print and digital campaigns for developing Pharmaceutical medications ensuring deliverables met and exceeded client high standards of quality, creativity, and production.
  • Utilized Adobe XD to design user-friendly website and mobile interfaces within the Pharmaceutical industry highlighting a strong focus on UX/UI design to enhance user experience and customer engagement.
  • Fostered clear communication and collaboration across diverse teams through the effective use of Microsoft Teams, ensuring seamless project execution and on-time delivery.
  • Reviewed and provided feedback on design deliverables, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of quality, creativity, and user experience.
  • Stayed abreast of industry trends and best practices, incorporating these insights into the design strategies to continuously evolve and refine the brand identity

Creative Director / Graphic Design Program Director

Nossi College of Art and Design | 09/2016-12/2021

Spearheaded the curriculum design, blending traditional art principles with emerging digital technologies. This role emphasized my commitment to educational excellence, curriculum innovation, and effective leadership, highlighting my ability to adapt and apply my skills in various contexts, including AI and digital technology education.

  • Developed and managed innovative Graphic Design and Web & Interactive Bachelor degree programs, significantly elevating the college’s educational quality and reputation.
  • Led and mentored a diverse team of 18 adjunct instructors, fostering an environment rich in educational perspectives and expertise.
  • Skillfully overhauled the program by developing and authoring the content for 10 rewritten courses and introducing three new ones, substantially enriching the students’ knowledge base and enhancing their readiness for industry.
  • Innovatively incorporated Design Thinking and UI/UX processes into graphic design courses, significantly enhancing idea generation and industry readiness among students.
  • Taught a diverse range of subjects encompassing foundational art principles, advertising, branding, graphic design, typography, social media, marketing, and environmental design. This comprehensive curriculum equipped students with an extensive skill set, preparing them for the multifaceted demands of the modern industry.
  • Strategically launched a brand strategy and an integrated marketing campaign, leading to a 6.4% increase in student applications and showcasing the effective integration of marketing principles in an educational setting.
  • Established a simulated ad agency within the college, providing students with practical experience in a real-world setting and successfully generating $18,000 in donations for a local non-profit.
  • Developed and produced video tutorials to train instructors in using Moodle LMS, greatly improving efficiency and effectiveness, and enhancing the overall educational process.

“Mr. Kristof is a true professional. He took over the Graphic Design Department at Nossi College three years ago and instituted many changes to advance the quality of the program. On top of managing the department, teaching courses and revising syllabi, Mr. Kristof acted as the in-house Creative Director for the college Marketing Department. During his tenure at Nossi, he created a unique brand identity and brand position for the college, tapping into the essence of why a creative chooses an art college for their education. I’ve worked with many designers over the last 25 years. Mr. Kristof taught me how important communication THROUGH design really is.”

Cyrus Vatandoost

Executive Vice President

Creative Director

Kristof Creative | 11/2003-09/2016

Harnessing extensive experience in advertising, marketing, and graphic design, I established and managed a creative agency renowned for its innovative and impactful work. In this dynamic environment, I led high-profile projects, directed creative teams, and developed successful marketing strategies. Utilizing a deep understanding of digital design and modern software, I delivered innovative solutions that fostered creativity and innovation. My leadership in expansive projects and robust relationship cultivation contributed significantly to impressive results and the agency’s distinguished reputation.

  • Strategically led the creative team in the successful redesign of a CPG product’s beverage label and packaging. The result was a remarkable 281% increase in sales, with a total of 3.81 times the initial sales volume achieved after the introduction of the new packaging, demonstrating the profound impact of the redesign on product visibility and consumer appeal.
  • Directed high-profile B2B, B2C, and CPG campaigns, significantly boosting brand engagement and sales growth.
  • Led diverse teams in crafting award-winning advertising and marketing campaigns, blending creativity with strategic insight.
  • Developed creative strategies that elevated brand visibility and consumer engagement.
  • Oversaw the design and development of mobile apps and WordPress websites, showcasing my skills in web development and UI/UX design.
  • Managed the March of Dimes Global Report on Birth Defects project, handling extensive data and assets to convey powerful social messages.
  • Spearheaded a CPG beverage label and packaging redesign, resulting in a remarkable 281% increase in sales.
  • Handled budgets up to $500k, consistently realizing a 5% overall cost savings.
  • Drove an 11% increase in user engagement through the digital design and development of a mobile app and WordPress website.

Associate Creative Director

Arnold Worldwide | 04/2001-11/2003

Provided strategic leadership and direction to a team of creative professionals, delivering innovative and award-winning advertising campaigns that significantly elevated clients’ market presence and achieved key objectives across diverse industries. My tenure was marked by a commitment to excellence in brand storytelling and visual communication.

  • Managed a team of Art Directors and Copywriters, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment.
  • Led the creation of innovative advertising and marketing campaigns across various mediums, including print, direct mail, and broadcast for clients such as Mobil Oil, Mobile On-the-Run, STIHL, PNC Bank, McDonald’s, and Citizens Bank.
  • Spearheaded a bank acquisition and name change campaign for a regional bank that not only met KPIs but also received a prestigious EFFIE AWARD. The campaign led to a significant increase in deposits and virtually no loss of customers, outperforming the average 10% attrition rate typically associated with bank mergers.
  • Played a crucial role in new business pitches, utilizing my expertise to facilitate successful client acquisitions and expand the agency’s portfolio. The campaigns executed effectively utilized creative expertise to drive growth and success across diverse industries.
  • Expertly balanced creative direction with team leadership, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Associate Creative Director

AdMine.com | 04/1999-04/2001

Successfully led a creative team to drive significant growth for a pioneering startup – the first online marketplace for acquiring unsold creative campaigns from advertising agencies and license them to local and regional businesses.

  • Applied innovative approach to direct impactful advertising campaigns across various platforms, enhanced the brand’s online presence, and streamlined workflows. By fostering valuable partnerships and executing strategic initiatives, I substantially increased brand awareness, sales, and online revenue.
  • Led and managed a creative team of 10 professionals, driving a more efficient and effective production process.
  • Conceptualized and directed the creation of 52 campaigns in 8 months across various platforms, including print, outdoor, television, and radio. These campaigns significantly improved brand awareness and sales, contributing to a 30% increase in brand awareness and a 14% increase in sales.
  • Designed and executed online requests for creative work, which involved the development and writing of creative work plans resulting in a more cohesive and impactful online presence for the brand.
  • Created and implemented an advertising sales program, driving online sales and promoting business services. This initiative led to a 17% increase in online revenue.
  • Created and managed online production tips and procedures for the submission of creative content achieving an 11% increase in efficiency in the production process.
  • Established a productive relationship with Mark Ein, the CEO of Venturehouse Group, a venture capital firm that funded AdMine.com to achieve successful project outcomes and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Consistently demonstrated strategic leadership, creative expertise, and a commitment to driving tangible results.

Art Director > Senior Art Director

The Ramey Agency | 06/1995-10/1998

Instrumental in developing and directing successful advertising campaigns for a diverse range of clients spanning industries like Tourism, Banking, Finance, Car Audio, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Travel. My tenure was marked by significant achievements and recognition, including driving economic growth, generating substantial revenue, winning prestigious awards, and effectively leading and mentoring a creative team.

  • Spearheaded an economic development campaign resulting in a notable 23% increase in jobs created by new businesses and a 15% increase in new business startups, despite a national downturn in business creation.
  • Developed a compelling financial print ad that generated an impressive $1.5 million in revenue and attracted 172 new accounts.
  • Earned the “Best Read Ad” award from Fortune magazine for the year-end, double-issue investment guide.
  • Garnered four “Best of Class” awards and one “Superior” award from the Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC) annual conference.
  • Received the prestigious “Platinum Award” from the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) for a 30-second TV ad highlighting Mississippi as the ‘birthplace of the blues’. This top-tier honor, chosen from over 1,650 international entries from 55 countries, showcases the breadth and efficacy of my creative vision. The award-winning campaign directly contributed to a 17% increase in tourism inquiries compared to the previous year.
  • Managed and mentored a team of junior designers, art directors, and production artists, fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.

Clients included; American Diabetes Association, Mississippi Department of Economic and Community Development, Mississippi Division of Tourism, PROMUS Hotel Corporation, Southern Audio Systems, St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital, Taste of the Nation, Union Planters Bank, and USA Pawn.

Art Director (Freelance)

The Ad Store | 05/1994-05/1995

Had the unique opportunity to learn from and work with industry titan, Paul Cappelli. Michael’s contributions ranged from conceptualizing and art directing print and television campaigns, particularly for Coca-Cola, to executing distinctive branding projects for a diverse roster of clients. His commitment to creative excellence and strategic thinking played a pivotal role in developing compelling brand narratives and visual identities across different sectors, including Travel and Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Music, and Health & Fitness.

  • Conceptualized and art directed print and television ad campaigns for Coca-Cola, resulting in increased brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • Developed unique branding projects across diverse sectors, including Travel and Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Music, and Health & Fitness, designing distinctive logos that enhanced clients’ market visibility.
  • Created compelling package designs that effectively communicated brand value and appeal, leading to significant increases in sales and stronger market presence.
  • Fostered robust relationships with clients and team members, ensuring seamless project execution and on-time delivery, contributing to client satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Continuously updated my knowledge of industry trends, applying this understanding to produce relevant and appealing designs that resonated with target audiences and met client goals.
  • Emphasized strategic thinking and creativity in all design elements, ensuring alignment with client goals and brand values.
  • Continuously updated my knowledge of industry trends and applied this understanding to produce relevant and appealing designs.


BFA, Advertising

Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA


AA Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

Palomar College, San Marcos, CA


AA Liberal Arts

Palomar College, San Marcos, CA


Police Reserve Academy Graduate

Palomar College, San Marcos, CA


  • Authored an AI Business Compliance Policy, setting new standards in ethical AI usage in the workplace.
  • Led a successful AI prompt development project, enhancing user engagement and content relevancy.
  • Pioneered the integration of AI in graphic design, resulting in innovative campaign strategies.
  • Drove digital transformation in creative processes, implementing AI tools for improved efficiency and creativity.
  • Successfully managed cross-disciplinary teams in AI-driven projects, delivering excellence in creativity and technology.


Effie Award: Spearheaded a bank acquisition and name change campaign for a regional bank that not only met KPIs but also received an Effie Award. The campaign led to a significant increase in deposits and virtually no loss of customers – outperforming the typical 10% attrition rate seen in bank mergers.

Job Growth: Initiated an economic development campaign that stimulated a 23% job growth and 15% boost in new business startups, displaying a commitment to community development and prosperity.

Revenue Generator: Crafted a financial ad campaign that contributed $1.5M in revenue and attracted 172 new accounts, underlining expertise in crafting impactful, results-driven advertising strategies.

Best Read Ad”: Recognition for Fortune Magazine’s a high-performing year-end, double issue investment guide, demonstrating the ability to generate engaging, informative content that resonates with audiences. 52% of those surveyed said they noticed the ad and 39% admitted to reading it in its entirety – percentages that are unheard of among readership studies.

Southern Economic Development Council Accolades: 7 “Best of Class” and 1 “Superior” award in the Advertising Campaigns, Multimedia, and Direct Mail categories. Winning more awards than any other state. Validating the effectiveness and excellence of my work against 17 other states and 300 entries

Global Impact: Received the prestigious ‘Platinum Award’ from the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) for a 30-second TV ad highlighting Mississippi as the ‘birthplace of the blues’. This top-tier honor, chosen from over 1,650 international entries, showcases the breadth and efficacy of my creative vision. The award-winning campaign directly contributed to a 17% increase in tourism inquiries compared to the previous year.

Software Developer: Develop a sophisticated search engine for Twitter enabling advanced search functionalities, enhancing group collaboration, and customer acquisition to deliver valuable insights. As an added bonus, it aided in the identification and arrest of a drive-by shooting suspect.

Creative Honors

  • London International Advertising Awards
  • New York Festivals
  • Creativity Annual
  • Communication Arts Design Annual
  • Best Read Ad,” Fortune Magazine – Year-end Double-issue Investment Guide
  • Collegiate Advertising Awards – Awarded 1 of only 7 Gold awards amongst all colleges in the nation.
  • Effie Award for exceptional results in meeting and surpassing client objectives for PNC Bank campaign at Arnold Worldwide
  • Numerous local & regional ADDY’s

Personal Achievements

  • Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt, American Wado Karate-do Black Belt Association


A.I. Technologies:

Adobe Firefly







Morph Studio


Stable Diffusion


Apple Keynote
Apple Numbers
Apple Pages


Microsoft Office
– Excel
– PowerPoint
– Word

A.I. Design Tools:

Adobe Express








Collaboration and Communication

Microsoft Teams




Adobe Audition

Sonicfire Pro


Adobe Creative Suite
– InDesign
– Illustrator
– Lightroom
– Photoshop
– Premiere

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Dimension

Adobe XD

Affinity Creative Suite
– Photo
– Publisher
– Designer


ON1 Photo Raw

Project Management





Video Editing

Adobe Clip

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Rush

DaVinci Resolve

Final Cut Pro



Web Design:

Adobe XD





Primary Industry Experience

  • CPG Packaging Design: Utilized innovative design skills across diverse sectors including ice cream, beer, beauty products, food, energy drinks, and telecommunications. My compelling packaging designs elevated brand visibility and consumer engagement, significantly boosting product appeal and sales.
  • Banking & Financial Services: Directed successful advertising campaigns across various media channels for banking and financial clients such as BankPlus, Border State Bank, Citizens Bank, Cornerstone Financial Credit Union, Fairfax County Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, STAR Financial Bank, The Trade Bank of Iraq, Trustmark National Bank, and Union Planters Bank. My work included branding, print, broadcast, outdoor, Point-of-Sale (POP), direct mail, and internet advertising strategies.
  • Healthcare: Oversaw an extensive portfolio of healthcare clients, fostering powerful marketing campaigns and designs for renowned organizations such as the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Arthritis Foundation, March of Dimes, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. My diverse design contributions spanned across multiple platforms including websites, direct mail, email marketing, landing pages, posters, and reports, all meticulously crafted to bolster brand visibility and patient engagement.

Brand Experience


American Cancer Society

American Diabetes Association

Arthritis Foundation


Chef Boyardee

Citizens Bank

ConAgra Foods


Discovery Channel

Exxon Mobil


Hilton Hotels

Holiday Inn

International Budget Partnership

Irish Spring

Johnson and Johnson

Louisville Slugger


NRG Energy

March of Dimes


Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry/National Agriculture Aviation Museum

Mississippi Department of Economic & Community Development

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

Mississippi Power

On-the-Run Convenience Stores

PAM Cooking Spray

PNC Bank

Regions Financial Corporation

St. Dominic/Jackson Memorial Hospital


Taste of the Nation

Trustmark National Bank

United States Army

United States Cruise Lines

United States Mint

United States Postal Service

Vanderbilt Medical Center

Verizon Communications