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June 6, 2003

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Oasis Winery


A unique print ad for Oasis Winery, creatively associating wine with football. This simple yet memorable visual delivers a distinctive message, making every wine opener a reminder of this campaign.
— Football Program Print Ad —

Oasis Winery


Oasis Winery sought to strengthen their brand recognition and relevance among a wider audience, specifically football fans. The challenge was to create an advertisement that would resonate with this demographic, who might not traditionally associate wine with their sport.


We decided to visually bridge the gap between the worlds of wine and football. Inspired by the similarity between the gesture of a referee signaling a touchdown and the action of a levered wine opener, we designed a clever and minimalist ad. By placing the Oasis Winery logo on the cork being opened, we created a visual connection that was simple, clean, and memorable.


As the copywriter, associate creative director (art), and photographer, I was involved in conceptualizing the idea, developing the creative strategy, executing the photography, and crafting the impactful copy.


Though concrete metrics are not available, the ad successfully generated buzz and positioned Oasis Winery as a memorable brand among Washington Redskins fans. This has potentially led to increased brand recognition and connection with a new demographic of wine consumers. Furthermore, the ad imbued every encounter with a wine opener with a reminder of our ad, reinforcing its longevity.

Print Ad Oasis Winery - Wine Opener