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Creative and artistic kids are generally outside the mainstream in high school. They don’t belong to any specific clique. If anything, they’re considered odd because they don’t fit within what other people consider normal. But it’s their uniqueness that makes them special. At Nossi, we understand what makes you different, and we’ve created a college just for people like you.


Nossi is the college for unique kids who can learn to transform their special talents into a career.


1 of 7 Gold awards awarded to colleges, graduate schools, and vocational/trade schools of all sizes across the nation for their advertising campaigns.

The Collegiate Advertising Awards program is an elite national program created to honor the most talented marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in all forms of advertising, marketing and promotion specific to higher education products and services.


Video Executions

Everyone in the creative arts had a moment in their lives when they knew they were different. Even though being different was considered odd and unacceptable, they chose to follow their hearts and be creative. And that’s the thread that connects us.

For the video executions students were asked,”Think back as far as possible and tell me about the moment you knew you were creative.”

Their answers were completely unscripted, allowing viewers to connect with the spontaneous and honest stories being shared. The videos also extended to include college staff, instructors, and other creative professionals and were shared to the college’s YouTube account and social media channels.

Videos were shot on-the-fly in classrooms with an iPhone 6 using only available light. Edited using Olli app, PremiereRush, and Adobe Photoshop.

Social Media

Instagram was also integrated into the campaign where students were encouraged to create and share images of themselves showing what makes them different.

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