Michael Kristof

December 3, 2001

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Mobil On-the-Run


Explore the Mobil On-the-Run campaign. See how everyday objects, when seen from a unique perspective, were transformed into 'eyes' to create engaging, memorable ads promoting a special coffee and newspaper offer.
— Newspaper Ad Campaign —

Mobil On-the-Run


Mobil On-the-Run convenience stores and USA TODAY sought to promote a limited-time offer: a 24 oz Green Mountain Coffee and a USA TODAY newspaper for just 99¢. However, the promotion risked cancellation due to budget constraints.


To salvage the project and build goodwill with the client, I offered to photograph, edit, and produce the visuals at no cost. Our team devised a creative newspaper ad campaign that leaned into simple but engaging visual cues. We made use of everyday objects like Styrofoam coffee cups, rolled newspapers, and coffee rings to represent human eyes, using them as the focal point of our ads. Coupled with smiley and sad facial expressions formed by the headline text, these ads metaphorically communicated the transformative power of a good coffee and an informative newspaper.


As the Art Director, Associate Creative Director, and Photographer for this campaign, I was responsible for the overall visual strategy and execution. I conceptualized the creative approach, directed the design process, and personally carried out the photography and editing.


Despite budget limitations, we successfully launched an attention-grabbing newspaper ad campaign that effectively promoted the special offer. This not only reinforced Mobil On-the-Run’s brand as an accessible and customer-friendly convenience store but also strengthened our relationship with the client. (Please note: Actual quantitative results are unknown without specific metrics provided by the client.)