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Mississippi Tourism


Senior Art Director


Concept Development
Art Direction
Music Track Selection
Title Cards


  • Travel & Tourism


As an Art Director from California and a Copywriter from Indiana, we initially seemed an unlikely duo to create an authentic brand image TV commercial for Mississippi tourism. However, our experiences as transplants to Mississippi allowed us to perceive the unique charm of the state in a way that native residents might overlook.


We embarked on a journey across Mississippi, capturing the warmth, friendliness, and generosity of its people and the beauty of its unique locations. Through a series of vignettes, we brought to life everyday scenes that encapsulate the Mississippi spirit, pairing the visuals with an old jazz song tweaked to resonate with our concept. The TV spot ends with the line “Come someplace warm for a change,” reinforcing the welcoming nature of the state.


As the Senior Art Director, I developed the overall visual strategy, selected the music track, and ensured the storyboards accurately reflected the essence of Mississippi.


While precise impact measures are not available, the campaign succeeded in creating a heartfelt, authentic representation of Mississippi that resonated with audiences and communicated the state’s distinct charm and hospitality.

LYRICS: Ever since we met. My heart can’t forget. All I ever think about is you. Little things you do. Thrill me through and through. All I ever think about is you.