Michael Kristof

August 3, 1998

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Mississippi Tourism


— TV Commercial —

Mississippi Tourism


Seems everyone was using the “Blues” to sell just about every kind of product imaginable; sneakers, beer, blue jeans, even diabetic supplies. But since Mississippi was the place where it all started, there wasn’t a need to borrow interest to sell the product because the product was the music. So we used the a well-known Blues musician from Mississippi, Eddie Cusic, to star in the commercial. Only there was no acting involved. Once Eddie sat down in the chair, he just started playing. And kept playing. So the Director started shooting film. And kept shooting. The song is “Worry You Off My Mind” – Track #4 on Eddie’s CD “Leland Mississippi Blues” on Amazon.

Title Cards

This isn’t a commercial for beer. Or blue jeans. Or sneakers. It’s about the music. The Blues. And the place where it all started. Mississippi. Where the Blues was born.