Graphic Design Program Director / Creative Director

Nossi College of Art and Design, Nashville, TN, United States

January 2016 – January 2021

At Nossi College of Art and Design, Michael Kristof wore many hats: he was the Creative Director, the Graphic Design Program Director, and a driver of financial efficiencies. His strategic and operational contributions enhanced both the educational experience and the institution’s reputation.

Michael managed and modernized Graphic Design and Web & Interactive Bachelor degree programs, ensuring the curriculum’s relevance and industry readiness. His team leadership skills shone as he recruited and led a team of 18 diverse Adjunct instructors, improving the quality of education and promoting varied teaching perspectives.

His drive for curriculum innovation saw him rewrite 10 courses and introduce three new ones, enriching the students’ knowledge base and industry readiness. By creating video tutorials for the Moodle Learning Management System, he improved resource utilization and efficiency.

Michael understood the value of cross-disciplinary learning, integrating such projects into the curriculum and driving a significant upsurge in student engagement and collaboration. He incorporated Design Thinking and UI/UX processes into graphic design courses, enriching the idea generation process and enhancing industry readiness.

He taught a diverse range of subjects, spanning from foundational courses such as Typography and Graphic Design Fundamentals to more specialized disciplines like Advertising Art Direction and Environmental Graphic Design. His pedagogical approach involved an in-depth exploration of various areas of graphic design and advertising. Courses he taught also included Graphic Design Processes, Adobe InDesign, Production Art, Advanced Typography, Interactive Page Layout, Principles of Copywriting and Editing, Graphic Design Media, Business Marketing for Creatives, Social Media Design, Packaging Design, Graphic Design Capstone, Business to Business Advertising, and Portfolio and Promotion. This comprehensive teaching repertoire enhanced students’ industry readiness and broadened their knowledge in various facets of design and advertising, driving a 19% growth in student skills and knowledge.

His creative and managerial prowess streamlined production processes and established a simulated ad agency within the college. This innovative approach provided students with practical experience and generated over $18,000 in donations for a local non-profit.

Ensuring brand consistency across all marketing channels, Michael developed and enforced comprehensive Brand Guidelines. He also pioneered the use of storytelling through branded video, supervising the entire production process.

The successful launch of a new brand campaign under his leadership led to a significant increase in new student applications, underscoring the effectiveness of his strategic thinking and execution.

Michael’s tenure at Nossi College showcases his diverse skill set, his ability to lead and innovate, and his commitment to enriching the educational experience. His efforts have left a lasting impact on the institution and its students.