Creative Director

Kristof Creative, Nashville, TN, United States

November 2001 – September 2016

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, he ventured out on his own to establish Kristof Creative, a Nashville-based agency. As the Creative Director and Project Manager, his leadership and expertise facilitated high-profile projects, innovative marketing strategies, and robust team dynamics in a fast-paced setting. Drawing on his comprehensive understanding of digital design and contemporary design software, he consistently delivered innovative and successful solutions.

His achievements included directing a creative team to a successful beverage label and packaging redesign that led to a 281% increase in sales, and developing and launching high-profile brands for B2B, B2C, and CPG clients, demonstrating his thorough understanding of modern design software and branding initiatives.

He effectively led teams of diverse creative professionals, fostering a collaborative environment and championing innovative ideas. He was entrusted with confidential, high-profile launch initiatives and ensured utmost discretion and security, which resulted in successful, disruption-free rollouts.

His marketing strategies, including social media, SEO, and Internet marketing, resulted in a 21% increase in engagement and an 18% increase in sales. His exceptional attention to detail was evident in his management of global reports for March of Dimes, involving over 10,000 assets, which highlighted his ability to handle large volumes of data and utilize design for social impact.

A skilled relationship manager, he cultivated robust collaborations with diverse partners, streamlining the production process. He administered production budgets of up to $500k, consistently delivering projects within budget, and contributing to a 5% overall cost saving. His digital design expertise led to the successful design and development of mobile apps and WordPress websites, driving an 11% increase in user engagement.

As an innovation facilitator, he developed, organized, and led creative problem-solving workshops, stimulating a 16% increase in idea generation and overall innovation. His standout achievement was the design and development of a sophisticated search engine for Twitter, which played a key role in the identification and subsequent arrest of a suspect involved in a drive-by shooting.