Creative Director

FutureShirts, Nashville, TN, United States

July 2022 – June 2023

During his tenure as Creative Director at Futureshirts, a prominent player in the music and entertainment merchandising industry, Michael Kristof was instrumental in refining the company’s creative operations and overall productivity. He designed and implemented strategic changes that transformed processes, reduced costs, and strengthened Futureshirts’ market position.

Michael displayed an unerring ability to enhance design output and quality, overseeing a 2% increase in creative designs and a remarkable 125% increase in premium produced designs. This achievement was complemented by a significant reduction in client edits and revisions, indicative of his commitment to efficient, high-quality output.

Michael was responsible for streamlining the client onboarding process by developing a Creative Strategy Questionnaire, tailored specifically for the music industry. This innovative approach improved the quality of creative output and enhanced client communication, saving time and resources.

Recognizing the vital role of clear, timely communication in project success, Michael took the initiative to delineate the responsibilities of Account Managers and the Creative Team. He facilitated communication between these groups by creating designated Slack channels, resulting in improved project scheduling and overall efficiency.

Demonstrating a keen understanding of project management, Michael incorporated project estimation into the creative development process, ensuring optimal workload management and timely completion of tasks.

Michael’s knack for organization was further demonstrated by the introduction of an efficient file management system, inclusive of a File Naming Structure and a central archive for design resources. This innovation sped up production time and made onboarding new team members a smoother process. He also established a design archive for Account Managers, enhancing internal communication and expediting project turnaround times.

On the financial front, Michael negotiated substantial cost savings with Adobe Inc., leading to an impressive annual saving of $18,353.

Michael’s involvement in business development activities, in collaboration with the SVP of Sales and Marketing and the Business Development & Licensing Manager, resulted in compelling Business Pitch Decks. These Pitch Decks, conceptualized, designed, and scripted by Michael, elevated Futureshirts’ client presentations and played a crucial role in winning new clients and partnerships.

Michael also took the lead in expanding Futureshirts’ service portfolio by developing a new business initiative aimed at promoting individual artists’ licensing opportunities. This strategic move, crafted in collaboration with the Business Development & Licensing Manager, demonstrated Michael’s forward-thinking approach to business growth.

Always looking to enhance productivity, Michael researched the potential implementation of a Digital Asset Manager (DAM), a change projected to increase productivity by 27% and result in an annual saving of $71,000.

Michael Kristof’s role at Futureshirts reflects his ability to strategize, innovate, and lead, making him a valuable asset to any organization. His time at Futureshirts, filled with significant accomplishments, speaks volumes about his ability to drive positive change, optimize resources, and deliver results in competitive environments.