Associate Creative Director, Herndon, VA, United States

April 1999 – April 2001

During his tenure as Associate Creative Director at, a pioneering startup and the first online marketplace for acquiring unsold creative from advertising agencies, he led a creative team that drove significant growth. He innovatively directed impactful advertising campaigns across various platforms, elevated the brand’s online presence, and streamlined workflows. He was instrumental in fostering valuable partnerships and implementing strategic initiatives that substantially boosted brand awareness, sales, and online revenue.

His dynamic leadership and management of a 10-person creative team enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process. Through successful leadership and collaboration, he streamlined workflows and optimized resource utilization.

With an aptitude for campaign creation and execution, he conceptualized, directed, and wrote copy for 52 campaigns in just 8 months across multiple platforms including print, outdoor, television, and radio. These campaigns played a significant role in improving brand awareness and sales, resulting in a 30% rise in brand awareness and a 14% boost in sales.

He showcased his talent for enhancing digital presence by designing and executing online requests for creative work, which involved developing and writing creative work plans. This approach improved the brand’s online presence considerably.

He successfully drove revenue growth by creating and implementing an advertising sales program, stimulating online sales and promoting business services. This strategy led to a 17% increase in online revenue.

On the operational side, he introduced an internal process for managing creative advertising submissions, ensuring an organized and streamlined approach. This improved overall efficiency and enhanced team collaboration.

He efficiently managed the daily operations of the production department, ensuring a smooth workflow that facilitated timely project delivery and client satisfaction. He established a productive relationship with the CEO of Venturehouse Group, the venture capital firm that funded This relationship enabled successful project outcomes and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Throughout his time at, he consistently exhibited strategic leadership, creative expertise, and a commitment to driving tangible results.