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American Diabetes Association


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Diabetes is a prevalent disease in the United States, affecting an estimated 16 million people. However, a significant portion of these individuals, around 5 million, are unaware that they have the disease. The challenge was to create an awareness campaign that not only educates people about the severity and consequences of diabetes but also grabs their attention in a unique and memorable way. The campaign needed to underscore the risks of untreated diabetes such as blindness, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, and nerve damage that can lead to amputation.

Solution & Role

As the Creative Director and Art Director for the project, I took a strategic approach to concept development and employed my photography skills and proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create a series of visually evocative print ads. The three double-page print ads were designed with a stark contrast between text and image to instantly grab the reader’s attention.

The left page of each ad was kept simple – a white background with a black, classic serif font that hinted at the hidden nature of the disease.

The right page was designed to confront the reader with the potential consequences of untreated diabetes.

The stark visual contrast between the pages and the impactful imagery made the campaign memorable and drove home the message: diabetes, if untreated, can lead to severe complications.


The campaign successfully drew attention to the often-overlooked issue of diabetes and the importance of early detection. It emphasized the urgency of getting tested by highlighting the severe, life-altering consequences of untreated diabetes.

By integrating thought-provoking visuals with a straightforward yet impactful message, the campaign not only raised awareness but also fostered a sense of urgency around diabetes detection and treatment. It also served as a call to action for people to contact the American Diabetes Association for testing information, thereby contributing to early detection and prevention efforts.

Print Ad - American Diabetes Association - Prosthetics
Print Ad - American Diabetes Association - Nerve Loss
Print Ad - American Diabetes Association - Blindness