— Print Ad Campaign —

American Cancer Society


The message around deadly diseases like cancer often focuses on prevention tactics. In contrast, our campaign for the American Cancer Society adopted a unique approach, reminding women of what they could miss in life if they didn’t prioritize preventive measures like mammograms.


We created a three-part print campaign highlighting the precious moments in life that could be missed if a woman succumbs to cancer because of neglecting mammograms. Each ad focused on different relationships and experiences – a mother’s relationship with her child, a wife’s relationship with her husband, and an individual’s relationship with the world.

AD 1:
A captivating image of a young boy playing becomes the backdrop for a poignant list of moments a mother might miss with her child. The campaign subtly highlights the importance of mammograms for preserving these irreplaceable experiences.

AD 2:
Using an image of a man’s joyful face, we enumerated the unique moments a wife could miss with her husband. The campaign taps into personal bonds and memories, underscoring the importance of early detection.

AD 3:
The third ad showcased the universal pleasures of life against a serene background of daisies, reminding every woman of the joys that could be missed. The ad aims to inspire every woman to prioritize her health for a long and fulfilling life.


While specific results can be challenging to quantify in cancer prevention campaigns, our unique approach was highly praised for its empathetic tone and emotional resonance, effectively bringing mammograms’ importance to the forefront of women’s health discussions.

Print Ad - American Cancer Society - Child
Print Ad - American Cancer Society - Husband
Print Ad - American Cancer Society - Flowers