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December 11, 2007

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American Cancer Society


American Cancer Society TV commercial focusing on the single most important thing a woman can do to stay healthy — having a mammogram.
— TV Commercial —

American Cancer Society


Many women go to extraordinary lengths to maintain their physical fitness and outward appearance, yet often neglect the most crucial aspect of their health: regular mammograms. The challenge was to help women realize this oversight and prioritize mammograms as an integral part of their health routine.

Solution & Creative Approach

In response to this challenge, we devised a 30-second TV commercial that portrayed a fit, athletic woman engaging in rigorous exercise routines, such as running and boxing. The aim was to create a relatable image, allowing the viewers to see themselves in the protagonist.

The compelling visuals were overlaid with a stark message: “1,257 miles a year… 24,312 crunches a year… will mean nothing… without one mammogram.” This jarring juxtaposition was designed to underscore the fact that all the effort women put into maintaining their physique is in vain if they neglect the most critical aspect of their well-being – regular mammograms.

The campaign was a potent reminder of the importance of comprehensive healthcare and successfully helped raise awareness about the critical need for regular mammograms among the target audience.

Title Cards

1,257 miles a year… 24,312 crunches a year… will mean nothing… without one mammogram.